Some recent example of the last months:


Of course, we sign a secrecy agreement with all our clients. The cases here below have been anonymized (Company, drugs) in order to protect this confidentiality.


→ " We have a meeting next Tuesday (less than one week!) with the Medico-pharmaceutical Committee of a University Hospital : the goal is to put our product A on the hospital formulary. We can't get the support of our Corporate Medical Department. Can you assist us and provide a medical backing during this critical meeting ?"


→ "Can you organize a training for our sales Rep's for the launch of a antidepressant ?"


→ "We have an urgent question from the Danish Authorities regarding a registration dossier. Can you prepare an expert opinion report within 15 days on the safety aspect Z ?


→ "We are in the process to hire a medical advisor but unfortunately, he won't be on board before February of next year. In the meantime, we have to organize a meeting of our Advisory Board "CR", are you familiar with this therapeutic area, can you take care of this ?"


→ "We are going to start a study in Diastolic Heart Failure. The protocol has been written by two of our investigators but the CRO we selected doesn't have the scientific expertise to assess the feasibility of our protocol. Can you assist them,visit the potential investigators and manage the whole project?"


→ "Marc, I promised to write an expert opinion by the end of this month. I'm afraid it will be too short. Can you take care of the PK section and of the Safety section ?"


→ "We want to get an extension of the reimbursement conditions for X. We might have to accept some price decrease. But we don't know the incidence of these invasive infections Y. Can you prepare a report based on literature data, interview of experts and tell us how many potential patients can be treated on a yearly base ?"


→ "We develop a cytostatic compound actually in phase I (we are defining the Maximum Tolerated Dose -MTD). We would like to discuss the Clinical Development Plan you suggested with the Belgian Health Authorities. Can you arrange a hearing with them ?"